David Ty Reza

as Miguel 

Rob A. Macias as Dio

Jose De Jesus Martinez as Jose

CJ  Jacqueline Grace as Cecelia

  Carlos Javier Castillo as Oscar

  Nadine Vella as Nana

Crystal Stranger as Tina
Toby Kuhl  
as Dante

Jenna Perry 
as "The Dream Girl"

Eddie Aristodo
as  Paco

Mac  as "Mac"

Release Date
September 2012
Death and Aspirations LLC
An act of theft that changed all he believed.. and eventually saved his life.
Based on the book Separated by Dreams written by Elizabeth Guevara, inspired by true events.

Directed by Sean Bauer
Director of Photography: Matthew B. Reagan and Troy Brajkovich
Sound: Jermaine Loyce, Jamie Duff
Special Effects Make-Up: Lauren Buono
Make-up and Hair: Samantha Loos
Script Supervisor: Sandra Faleris
Music Scoring and Composing: Stevie Salas
Plot Outline
Gritty character driven story
David Ty Reza, Rob A. Macias, Jacqueline Grace Lopez, Carlos Javier Castillo, Jose De Jesus Martinez, Toby Kuhl, Crystal Stranger, Jenna Perry, Eddie Aristodo, Naomi Olson, Bryon Steele, (Joosik Energetik) Jermaine Loyce, and  Nadine Vella as "Nana".
Directed By
Sean Bauer
Written By
Elizabeth Guevara (book)
Screenplay By
Sean Bauer
Produced By
Elizabeth Guevara Executive Producer;
Terri Lynn Zinner, Producer